What points should be kept in mind while writing SEO friendly content?

In the social media search engine optimization blogs and articles play an important role. The SEO blogs and articles help to drive more traffic to your website than any other means. So, to get attention from the targeted and potential clients, it is important to post unique and fresh content on your website.

Below are some of the tips to write SEO friendly content by SEO Freelance Services:-

Keyword Research: The way writing an original content is important in the same way Google-friendly content is important too. Whatever you are posting should be noticed by Google. Before writing any content keyword research is an important part. It helps to get the ranking.

Keyword Placement: In the beginning, it was a trend for all the content writers to jump into the keywords. But, these days’ things are changed. Now only targeted keywords should be included. Include keywords in the title, first 300 words and also H1 or the H2 tags. SMO Services provider is also helpful person for the largest business.


The longer the better: Every single line in the content is useful for readers. Search engine optimization even pays attention to the length of the blogs and articles. Content should be in between 600 words to 1000 words. The lengthier the content the highest attention it gets and less bounce back rate. Hire SEO Freelancer in India for your Business growth.

Work rechecking: Always recheck the work as once the content is complete. It should be rechecked twice even thrice. Self-editing is the best thing that one can ever do. It is helpful for the grammar and the sentence error.

Check on Analytics: Content should be monitored with the help Google analytics on regular basis. Checking like keyword density, bounce rates, pages per page and time taken helps in the content ranking of the website. The proper targeted keywords placement is a necessary part of the business.

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